Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sundance Films: When You're Strange

Title: When You're Strange
Director: Tom DiCillo
Website: No website found
Potential Major Release Date: No known release dates beyond Sundance

Summary: Composed entirely of original footage from 1966-71, Tom DiCillo's documentary about the Doors filters truth from myth, reveals new insight into Jim Morrison and his bandmates, and captures the essence of the iconic rock group and the era. DiCillo's film pays tribute to the Doors and their music, and to a generation's struggle for individuality and authenticity during an unstable and transformative era in America (NetFlix).

Thoughts: I love these music documentaries when they are done right and capture the creativity and essence of the bands they focus on. From the buzz I’ve heard though, this may not be in the same league as films like Scratch and Dig!, but will most likely be a solid work reminiscent of Shine a Light and The U.S. vs John Lennon. Not groundbreaking, but a solid documentary worth seeing if you’re a Doors fan.

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