Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trailer: Square Grouper

Billy Corben has made some fine documentaries about the drug trade and he's clearly decided to keep to this specific genre of films with his latest release Square Grouper: The Godfathers of Ganja. The story centers on Everglades City, a small Florida town that turned from fishing to drug smuggling in the 70s and 80s. Corben manages to find unbelievable characters for his films and Square Grouper looks to have those in bunches. But if you need any more reasons to see this documentary, definitely check out the film's website. Square Grouper will release nationwide on DVD next week (including Netflix and other Video On Demand services).

Monday, April 11, 2011

Trailer: Armadillo

By now I'm sure most of you are sick or Afghanistan war related documentaries (seen clearly in Restrepo losing out on an Oscar award it rightfully deserved). However, I hope you keep an open mind about Janus Metz Pedersen's Armadillo.

The Danish filmmaker followed a platoon of soldiers from his country for a year, and used the footage to create a (what seems to be) impressive visual display of the soldiers' lives. If you need more convincing, think Restrepo meets Gasland with a hint of Errol Morris.

And if you need even more convincing, head to the Apple.com/trailers to see catch the trailer for the film. It might be a bit 'art house' for some audiences, but this still looks too good to pass up. A limited release is set for later this month so keep an eye out for it at your local theaters.