Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby animals are beyond adorable

So I've been having a bad week. Correction, I've been having a bad month (I'm sure you all noticed a lack of reviews). I'm not going to vent here because that would be turning Documentary Film Online into a cheap, personal blog and ruin the whole thing for all you documentary lovers. But I bring up my bad month for one sole reason: Disney's latest animal documentary totally tipped the scales for this being an awesome month.

Simply titled African Cats, the film continues Disney's latest trend of showing the familial aspects of animals set against the harsh backdrop of nature. This time though, instead of following sea creatures, their crews follow a pack of lions and cheetahs as their mom's raise cute kittens into fierce predators.

Admittedly, this will probably be another March of the Penguins clone, but honestly, does anyone mind? Plus, did I mention it has kittens? KITTENS! I mean, I'm excited already.

Unfortunately, the film doesn't come out until April of next year. In the meantime, if you need a good 'awww' moment or just want to feel one of those cheesy, cliched happy moments, head on over to to get your fill.