Monday, June 23, 2008

NBA Draft Taps Into Doc Potential

For those NBA fanatics out there you may be eagerly counting down the minutes to the NBA draft this Thursday. I for one find myself spending hours upon hours looking up the latest details, rumors and scouting reports hoping to suddenly become "all knowing" on all things NBA draft. If you are like me and starting to burn out on all the words and arguments for who should go to which team and why, boy do I have a distraction for you.

Kansas State star and potential number one pick Michael Beasley has allowed a film crew to basically follow him as he makes the rounds leading up to draft day. To me, Beasley is a young Charles Barkley, both in talent and swagger, and he already leads the league in entertaining quotes so this episodic look at the young man is certainly worth your time.

Head on over to ESPN to check it out for yourself, and prepare for the draft...

Soccer and Poverty = Great Mix

I'm a little confused on AOL's "association game" where they compare homeless statistics to soccer... err, I mean... football, but I guess it's worth mentioning that they are pretty much forced to shove a round peg into a square hole with this idea- so my complements for trying. The story they are trying to dissect? The official summary of Kicking It, a documentary by Colin Farrell (aka sexist Irishman alive) about the Homeless World Cup.

Unlike the underground/cult hit Bum Fights series, where homeless people were filmed fighting each other, the Homeless World Cup looks to "give homeless people a chance to change their lives through an international street soccer competition." It actually sounds like a really cool and even though I've never heard of the event, apparently over 500 people from 48 nations ended up competing in the most recent event. So it's clearly a big deal.

As mentioned, Colin Farrell is the face of the film, and while his sweet talkin' Irish voice may be enough to woo most of you to the theaters, I suggest watching the trailer over at to get a full appreciation of the project. Looks to be a surefire hit in my book (but I also love soccer... err.. football... can we go ahead and get an official name for this sport already?!?)