Friday, February 20, 2009

Oscar Nominees: The Frontrunner

Title: Man on Wire
Director: James Marsh
Awards already won: 21 wins, six nominations

Summary: In 1974, French performance artist Philippe Petit hid with several friends after hours in the World Trade Center, strung a high wire between its Twin Towers...and walked between them for the better part of an hour, to the amazement of New Yorkers on the streets below. How Petit planned and executed his spectacle is detailed in extensive interviews with Petit and those who helped him achieve his dream (From the Oscars website).

Personal Hype: Hands down, James Marsh’ film has always been my frontrunner for best documentary. It’s creative, enticing and totally original. It’s one knock is that its definitely a more light hearted, entertaining subject- something that usually holds films back from winning Oscars. However, Marsh demonstrates his artistic genius in Man on Wire and the Academy seems more willing to acknowledge great films that aren’t topical or emotionally draining. For those reasons, I feel the Academy rights the wrongs of the recent past and selects this great documentary.

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