Sunday, October 26, 2008

Biggest regret of 2008...

I have several regrets from this year- one being a recent streak of ignoring the news page- but I have to admit that even with two months left in this calendar year, I can already name my biggest regret: surprise, surprise, it's documentary related.

In short, I missed the few day theater stint of the documentary Call+Response. Now, you may think no film is worth a spot on the 'biggest regrets' list- surely I would save those spots for things like 'forgetting my mother's birthday' or some job related screw up. But for me, after seeing the trailer and then browsing their fan website, I have to say, it pained me to learn that Call+Response was no longer in theaters.

It looks flat out amazing and could easily be one of those rare documentaries that breaks out of the normal archetypes to develop a truly unique experience. Of course, it helps that it probably an amazing soundtrack supporting it with bands like Cold Ward Kids, Moby, Matisyahu, Talib Kweli, Nickel Creek and many others.

Since I can't get a review out to you, I have to do the next best thing and pitch the hell out of this. At minimum, director Justin Dillon developed one of the best trailers for a documentary ever and I have all the confidence that the final product will have people talking for weeks. So I'm gonna stop blatherin' so you can head on over to and find out if it's still in theaters in your area, or just listen to the soundtrack and feel cool.