Friday, November 27, 2009

Oh My God Documentary

It seems the documentary world took this Thanksgiving week off as there are no new theatrical documentary releases to tell you about. So instead, we're going to highlight the trailer for Oh My God. Directed by Peter Rodgar, this film started its (limited) theatrical run earlier this month, but is actually just gearing up now for a wider release.

Despite it's cheesy, almost mocking title, Oh My God follows Rodgar around as he asks people from all over the world one simple question: what is God? As fascinating as the answers will be though, the stunning visuals appear to be the reason everyone should see this documentary.

But don't take my word for it, head on over to the film's website to watch the trailer, learn a little bit about the film and see when/if it is playing in your hometown.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Various Music Doc news

There seems to be a few bits of news on upcoming music related documentaries, so we decided to just throw them into one news article:

Lil' Wayne a lil' angry over documentary release - Last year the rapper Lil' Wayne allowed a film crew to follow him on his tour, and the result was a documentary that received some praise at Sundance Film Festival this year. Surprisingly though, as the film gears up for distribution, Lil Wayne sued to block it's release, apparently upset that he did not have the final word on edits. A judge ruled in favor of the film, but it's clear tensions still reign. Check out CNN for more on this story.

Beatles Documentary reveals studio sessions - The History Channel will air at 10 PM tonight The Beatles on Record, a film that takes audiences into the process of making the legendary Abbey Road album. Using both studio footage, pictures and even audio, audiences should get a clear and personal view of one of the greatest bands coming together to make one of the greatest albums. Sounds like the recipe for success. Head on over to Wired to read more about this potentially great little film.

Cowell produces Susan Boyle documentary - And so it begins, the singing sensation of last year's Britain's got talent finally has her first CD released and will now be featured in a documentary as well. The film, titled I Dreamed a Dream: the Susan Boyle Story, will be released sometime next month and will probably be hitting DVD shelves soon afterwards to capitalize on the woman's insanely popular vocals. Alas, If you haven't bought her CD yet, you're probably out of luck.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tea Party Documentary's Hilarious Trailer

Anyone living in the U.S. is aware of the ongoing debates between liberals and conservatives on the numerous issues facing the nation. The most recent grass roots campaign (or at least recent campaign with a large media following) has involved conservatives sparking "tea party" rallies across the country. Because of the coverage they've been getting, it was only a matter of time before a documentary followed these individuals.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your position), someone forgot to tell the filmmakers how to make a film that's both interesting and inviting. For one, the title is called "Tea Party: The Documentary Film"- even the bland Al Gore knew his film's title needed a catchy phrase to hook people in. And secondly (and definitely worse), the trailer for this film truly begs the question: "is this a joke?"

Now, I feel bad criticizing the work people put in to defend their cause, but I have to admit this trailer honestly looks like something a comedy group would make. It is, I believe, serious though. So, with that in mind, I hope there was a little more thought put into the feature then the trailer.

Think I'm exaggerating? Watch the trailer and tell us your thoughts!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Oscar Short List Creates Controversy

This website has been on record multiple times complaining about past Academy Award snubs for our beloved documentaries, but it seems this is the year the 'scandal' surrounding the 'best documentary' feature has reached fever pitch in the entertainment world.

After the Academy announced this year's short list of 15 documentaries up for best feature, countless irate articles have been written. And the rage isn't limited to the blogs as the New York Times, LA Times and Entertainment Weekly have all posted articles expressing the opinions of the upset masses.

With no real star power on hand (i.e. nominated) to quell the rage, it will be interesting to see how this anger proceeds. Tyson director James Toback in particular seems to be leading the muckraking, while Michael Moore and the creators behind It Might Get Loud, Good Hair and Anvil are all making more guarded reactions to the way nominations play out.

Will this die out like past complaints about the documentary selection process, or will we see a change in the system? I personally hope for the latter, because it's hard for anyone to take the documentary genre seriously when its best works are being ignored by major award shows.

Read the articles from the NY Times, LA Times and Entertainment Weekly and then post your thoughts below!