Monday, June 16, 2008

The People Love Mike Tyson

You read me right. Audiences love Mike Tyson... and not just because his name is attached to one of the greatest video games of all time. No, what made the audiences at Cannes stand up and cheer is director James Toback's documentary, Tyson. Mixing archive footage with a serious of revealing interviews with Tyson himself, it is supposed to be a no holds barred look at the once dominate boxer's life (both in and out of the ring).

OK, yes, this is old news seeing as Cannes was WAAAAAAY back in mid-May, but come on: Tyson was applauded. That's like... well... I can't think of a parallel idea here, but I think it's obvious that anyone who stands and applauds a film is either watching Independence Day or a very very good film. So here's to hoping this release doesn't die on the film circuit but hits major theaters soon.

That's right, I stood up and cheered at the end of Independence Day (starring Will Smith) and all you snobby nay sayers can kiss my overly emotional, patriotic butt! Hmph!

I'm a Mess of a Success

If you're like me and people are constantly coming up to you and exclaiming, "you're a mess!" My advice to you is to rebuttal with "... of success!" Seriously, anytime they say it (even if they say it 500 times) just add "of success" immediately afterward and they'll eventually get tired and move on. If, by some odd chance they actually ask you to 'prove your success' use this example: director Josh Freed.

Freed is like every other messy human being in the world, only, he embraces the fact. Actually he seems to relish it. Oh sure, most of us claim we don't care, but some of us wish we could change. Not Freed, whose now made a documentary on his "mess". Titled My Messy Life, the film already aired on CTV and hopefully will be seen on other outlets as well.

Miro Certnetig of the Vancouver Sun probably summarizes the documentary best: "My Messy Life is a bit of a bio film, a sort of one-man catharsis of the trials and tribulations of Homo disordinadus in a world that makes neatness a virtue."

That sounds delightful to me... and my pile of dirty undies.

I Am Trumbo!

Ok, it doesn't ring quite as powerfully as thousands of Roman slaves standing up claiming to be Spartacus in order to save their leader, but having multiple celebrities honor the great Dalton Trumbo does have a touching air of empowerment to it. The soon to be released documentary titled Trumbo, does exactly that, using actors to read the authors letter and quotes while taking the audience on a journey from blacklist to Academy Awards.

In case your not sure who Dalton Trumbo is (and you're too lazy to wikipedia him), he's basically one of the few Hollywood screenwriters who was first accused of being a communist, but chose to continue fighting back to get his ideas into print. He was sent to prison for 11 months for contempt of court and was basically blacklisted from Hollywood film. Of course, any good writer knows that when the chips are down, you gotta pull out your pen and write. And any great writer knows when you write, you write cinematic gold like Roman Holiday or Spartacus or heck anything Trumbo wrote really.

Anyway, I'm gonna stop boasting about Trumbo. Check out the trailer for this upcoming documentary and bask in the greatness that it clearly is honoring.