Thursday, June 12, 2008

Saying no to Coke and Kickin' Ass in the Process

So maybe you're like me and you had to deal with your parents constantly telling you not to "do drugs" or "drink the booze"... but you know what, they just didn't know me. I was an angsty 8 year old going no where fast and i needed an escape! OK!


But enough about my troubled past, let's talk those youngsta's who've taken a completely different approach.

It's called the straight edge movement and its the subject of an hour long documentary titled "Inside Straight Edge" that aired on National Geographic a few weeks back. Now, these kids choose to abstain from alcohol, tobacco products, and drugs and try to resist peer pressure. Now I know what you are thinking. Wow, these kids sound lame. But before you go up to them and start mocking them, be forewarned: there is a more militant, fanatical groups that use their intense focus on wiping out substance abuse as justification for violence.

That's right, kids. Drugs and sex is bad, but its perfectly OK to kick the crap out of anyone you please! Obviously this is a subject that could be exploited either way, so it's good to know that director Shadrack Smith has taken every attempt possible to keep this as neutral as possible.

So if you can sober up and put down your ciggy for a second or two, you might want to check out this documentary.

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