Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sundance Films: Prom Night in Mississippi

Title: Prom Night in Mississippi
Director: Paul Saltzman
Potential Major Release Date: No release date announced beyond Sundance

Summary: With actor Morgan Freeman's support, Mississippi's Charleston High School stages its first senior prom to integrate both black and white students. This documentary examines the perspectives of several seniors as they prepare for this historic event. A group of disapproving white parents, who refused to meet and talk with the filmmakers, organized a separate White Prom for their children to attend (NetFlix).

Thoughts: It appears Prom Night in Mississippi has found the perfect make up for a documentary: combine Morgan Freeman, entrenched racist undertones and a creative Canadian. I say that jokingly, but in all seriousness, Paul Saltzman's film wisely takes a cue from Chicago 7: using artistry and cartoons to highlight their subjects. The lack of an official website and release date makes me nervous, but all around, this looks like it could be a sleeper hit.

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