Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sundance Films: El General

Title: El General
Director: Natalia Almada
Potential Major Release Date: No major release date announced but there are already a few announced screenings in the coming months

Summary: Filmmaker Natalia Almada's documentary traces 100 years of Mexico's history through the story of her great-grandfather Plutarco ElĂ­as Calles, whose brutal regime as president from 1924-28 overshadowed his heroics during the Mexican Revolution. A rich portrait of the Mexican people and the country's tumultuous history emerges as Almada contrasts her family's memories of Calles with the collective memory of her country (NetFlix).

Thoughts: I only have to point to the films summary as proof of why I'm excited about this documentary. Natalia Almada no only provides audiences with a rich and powerful story, but her film now boasts the U.S. Documentary Directing Award from Sundance. I'm hoping this gets the nationwide treatment because I just can't see this movie missing the mark.

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