Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sundance Films: Old Partner

Title: Old Partner
Director: Chung-ryoul Lee
Website: No website provided
Potential Major Release Date: No release date announced beyond Sundance

Summary: Set in the fertile fields of South Korea, filmmaker Chung-Ryoul Lee's pensive yet playful documentary examines the enduring bond between an elderly farmer -- Mr. Lee -- and his loyal ox, forged over 40 years of companionship and service. Mr. Lee tends to the ox with special care, feeding him by hand and keeping the land free of pesticides, while the aging beast faithfully carts him back and forth from town, never leaving his side (NetFlix).

Thoughts: Director Chung-ryoul Lee clearly was influenced by some of Errol Morris’ earlier works. Old Partner appears to be in the same mold as Gates of Heaven and Vernon, Florida, which is a connection any filmmaker would want. This looks like it could be a sweet film with deep undertones. I was unable to find a trailer or website to learn more about the film, so I hope my connections to Morris aren’t mere wishful thinking.

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