Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sundance Films: End of the Line

Title: End of the Line
Director: Rupert Murray
Website: No website provided
Potential Major Release Date: No release date announced beyond Sundance

Summary: Filmmaker Rupert Murray traverses the world exposing the devastating effects that overfishing with modern technology is having on fish stocks and the real solutions to solve the crisis. Combining alarming scientific testimony with under- and above-water footage, Murray creates a hard-to-ignore sketch of the state of the globe's oceanic ecosystems. This film is based on British environmental journalist Charles Clover's book (NetFlix).

Thoughts: I couldn’t find a website or a trailer for Rupert Murray’s eco-documentary so like a lot of the other films, my initial thoughts are quite limited. When I saw Murray was attached to the film, my interest was piqued, because, after all, I enjoyed Unknown White Male. But I’m not sure he is the right director for this type of documentary. I’d want a director whose handled more visually stunning/breathtaking work here. Like other eco-documentaries, my interest remains low until I see something to make it stand out.

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