Monday, January 26, 2009

Sundance Films: Boy Interrupted

Title: Boy Interrupted
Director: Dana Perry
Website: No website provided
Potential Major Release Date: No release date announced beyond Sundance

Summary: Boy Interrupted is a film that raises questions. It asks how a young boy can end his life at the tender age of 15. It struggles to find answers about what kind of family he had and the life he led. By its very nature, it is a naked display of its filmmaker's personal life at its most revealing and perhaps disturbing. How can a mother, we may ask, make a film about the death of her son?

Thoughts: I was unable to find a trailer or website for Boy Interrupted- beyond the brief synopsis on the Sundance website and on Dana Perry's website- but that doesn't stop me from saying this could be a work in the same vein as The Bridge. The story is Director Dana Perry's attempt to come to terms with her 15 year old son's suicide. It's one thing to film someone coping with grief and something totally different (and truly remarkable) for the director to film their own struggles with pain. Even without seeing a single frame, I can safely say this looks to be an extremely powerful piece.

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