Monday, June 16, 2008

The People Love Mike Tyson

You read me right. Audiences love Mike Tyson... and not just because his name is attached to one of the greatest video games of all time. No, what made the audiences at Cannes stand up and cheer is director James Toback's documentary, Tyson. Mixing archive footage with a serious of revealing interviews with Tyson himself, it is supposed to be a no holds barred look at the once dominate boxer's life (both in and out of the ring).

OK, yes, this is old news seeing as Cannes was WAAAAAAY back in mid-May, but come on: Tyson was applauded. That's like... well... I can't think of a parallel idea here, but I think it's obvious that anyone who stands and applauds a film is either watching Independence Day or a very very good film. So here's to hoping this release doesn't die on the film circuit but hits major theaters soon.

That's right, I stood up and cheered at the end of Independence Day (starring Will Smith) and all you snobby nay sayers can kiss my overly emotional, patriotic butt! Hmph!

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