Monday, June 16, 2008

I Am Trumbo!

Ok, it doesn't ring quite as powerfully as thousands of Roman slaves standing up claiming to be Spartacus in order to save their leader, but having multiple celebrities honor the great Dalton Trumbo does have a touching air of empowerment to it. The soon to be released documentary titled Trumbo, does exactly that, using actors to read the authors letter and quotes while taking the audience on a journey from blacklist to Academy Awards.

In case your not sure who Dalton Trumbo is (and you're too lazy to wikipedia him), he's basically one of the few Hollywood screenwriters who was first accused of being a communist, but chose to continue fighting back to get his ideas into print. He was sent to prison for 11 months for contempt of court and was basically blacklisted from Hollywood film. Of course, any good writer knows that when the chips are down, you gotta pull out your pen and write. And any great writer knows when you write, you write cinematic gold like Roman Holiday or Spartacus or heck anything Trumbo wrote really.

Anyway, I'm gonna stop boasting about Trumbo. Check out the trailer for this upcoming documentary and bask in the greatness that it clearly is honoring.

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