Monday, June 23, 2008

Soccer and Poverty = Great Mix

I'm a little confused on AOL's "association game" where they compare homeless statistics to soccer... err, I mean... football, but I guess it's worth mentioning that they are pretty much forced to shove a round peg into a square hole with this idea- so my complements for trying. The story they are trying to dissect? The official summary of Kicking It, a documentary by Colin Farrell (aka sexist Irishman alive) about the Homeless World Cup.

Unlike the underground/cult hit Bum Fights series, where homeless people were filmed fighting each other, the Homeless World Cup looks to "give homeless people a chance to change their lives through an international street soccer competition." It actually sounds like a really cool and even though I've never heard of the event, apparently over 500 people from 48 nations ended up competing in the most recent event. So it's clearly a big deal.

As mentioned, Colin Farrell is the face of the film, and while his sweet talkin' Irish voice may be enough to woo most of you to the theaters, I suggest watching the trailer over at to get a full appreciation of the project. Looks to be a surefire hit in my book (but I also love soccer... err.. football... can we go ahead and get an official name for this sport already?!?)

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