Monday, April 19, 2010

Tribeca 2010 Film Guide

For you New York City documentary fans (or those willing to travel to the Big Apple for a great film festival), it's probably wise to start investigating what movies you want to see during the Tribeca Film Festival. I mean, for Pete's sake the festival begins in 3 days!

But don't panic, there's plenty of time and information at to help answer all your questions. Though the festival isn't exclusively for documentaries, it does offer some excellent films for our beloved genre.

I suggest checking all the films out for yourself, but some personal recommendations are:
- The Two Escobars - drug cartels, murder and soccer... hmm, one of these is not like the others
- Thieves By Law - think Eastern Promises, but in real life.
- Freetime Machos - rugby meets the Bad News Bears.

There, by only selecting three I fully angered and ignored numerous other awesome documentaries playing at the festival. But again, why listen to my opinion? Head on over to and see the complete list of wonderful films that will be playing.

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