Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Haikus Abound over Palin-Discovery Series

So if you've been keeping up with your documentary news, you're well aware Sarah Palin signed a contract with Discovery Communications to host an 8-part series on Alaska. Environmentalists and those of the more liberal persuasion immediately voiced their complaints over the decision, believing Palin to be less than ideal for promoting the beautiful Alaskan wilderness.

Fearing they would get lost amongst all the uproar, the Friends of the Earth organization decided to break away from the angry emails and protesters- asking their supporters to send in haikus expressing their outrage (Ok, technically the short poems are called senryus, but as an American I'm entitled to simplify complex cultural practices into something I already know).

The site took the top ten submissions and are now asking people to vote for their favorites before they send the entire compilation (said to be in the thousands) to the Discovery Communications headquarters.

Can all forms of protests be submitted in this way from now on?

Editors note: here at Documentary Film Online we try to avoid political tit-for-tat because we are trying to appeal to documentary film fans across the entire political spectrum. However, every once in awhile, there's a story so good it just can't be ignored. This was definitely one of those stories.

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