Wednesday, October 7, 2009

'Good Hair' Nets Chris Rock a Major Lawsuit

It's only a few days before Chris Rock's documentary Good Hair hits theaters nationwide, but the producer/writer/narrator isn't celebrating much after being hit with a $5 million lawsuit.

Regina Kimball is a documentary filmmaker who released her own hair film, My Nappy Roots, in 2006. According to her, Chris Rock's documentary copies several scenes and ideas from hers- specifically the scenes dealing with hair export to India, the Jheri Curl controversy and the toxicity of chemicals used in hair relaxing treatments. Additionally, it seems both Rock and Kimball claim they were inspired to make their movies because of their daughters' questions about their own hair.

With these similarities and Kimball's accusations that Rock and others viewed her documentary before working on their own, it seems the lawsuit has some legitimate weight to it. Ultimately, these things will work themselves out in court, but this is certainly not the type of press HBO Films wanted right before a major release.

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