Thursday, October 8, 2009

Brazilian Film Portrays the Heart of Rio's Violence

Rio's annual film festival is happening this week and one of the more intriguing documentaries debuted this past Sunday. Dancing with the Devil follows the lives of three men caught up in the Brazilian city's violence: drug lord, a police officer and an evangelical pastor.

British Oscar-winning documentary director Jon Blair (Anne Frank Remembered) followed these men for a year to create an intimate and honest look at the drugs and violence that plague Rio. Obviously, a film on this subject is not exactly what the city hoped for after learning they will be the host of the 2016 Olympics, but this documentary may transcend merely finger pointing. After all, Blair was able to gain the trust of drug smugglers and gang members (who actually let him film their faces).

Outside of Blair, I really know very little about this film, but the scenes described by Reuters and the quotes taken from the movie definitely pique my interest. Hopefully, Blair has plans to release Dancing with the Devil worldwide. Read the full article over at Yahoo and you'll be just as interested as I am.

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