Friday, September 4, 2009

French Filmmaker Murdered

Longtime journalist and documentary filmmaker Christian Poveda was found murdered this past week by local police in El Salvador. He had been shot in the head. Already his death has been decried by the country's ministers as an investigation is well under way.

Poveda may not be a well known director throughout the world, but his work has won respect and recognition in various festivals. His most recent documentary La Vida Loca highlighted the violent gang members sent back to El Salvador after serving time in U.S. prisons. Not just exclusively a filmmaker, Poveda spent his 30 year career working for various news outlets, including Time and Newsweek magazines.

The Associated Press has a brief but interesting article on the murder, Poveda's career and even a few quotes from the man in connection with the El Salvador gangs. Certainly his death is a tragedy, especially as he appeared to be a fearless investigator for truth. La Vida Loca was already completed and I personally hope his work is featured in more festivals as a tribute to the man and to the stories he uncovered.

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