Monday, September 21, 2009

Documentary Standards Needed?

With all the latest controversy surrounding documentary films (the Supreme Court case involving the anti-Hilary Clinton film, Dole suing a filmmaker for intentionally leaving out necessary findings, etc), there is definitely a growing buzz among the documentary world about the need for standards, or even regulations.

Now, obviously, regulating an industry that, at its core, is of a grassroots basis, could be a conflict of interest, but before you strike up the debate, you should read some interesting research done by American University’s Center for Social Media. It's rather long and perhaps even drab, but for those truly interested in the industry, it is definitely worth the read.

As the report says, "Documentary filmmakers identified themselves as creative artists for whom ethical behavior is at the core of their projects. At a time when there is unprecedented financial pressure on makers to lower costs and increase productivity, filmmakers reported that they routinely found themselves in situations where they needed to balance ethical responsibilities against practical considerations."

Whether your a filmmaker, producer, student, professor or just an avid fan of documentaries, I can easily say this is something to be read and definitely debated. I'd like to hear your thoughts too, so feel free to post your reactions.

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