Sunday, August 23, 2009

Limited Run for MJ's Documentary

Director Kenny Ortega's documentary on the final days of Michael Jackson's life is now set to hit theaters October 28th (two days earlier than previously announced). Sony Pictures announced the change and the surprise two-week limited run right before the weekend. Tickets for those eager to catch the opportunity will be released September 27th.

Titled This is It (after the name of Michael Jackson's planned concert series), the documentary will use select behind-the-scenes footage to detail the legendary singer's final month or so. There is also a rumor that some of the footage will be available in 3-D (which just might make this the first 3-D documentary ever). Ortega took on the role of director after originally working with Jackson as the concert's choreographer.

The choice for a limited release is beyond me, but it's Sony's film and I'm sure they plan to squeeze as much out of the hundreds of hours of footage they have as possible. Head over to the New York Times or US Magazine for a few more details on this documentary.

(It also wouldn't hurt to start praying that this isn't just a money making ploy...)

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