Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Updated Lists of Favorites

Finally. After pondering long and hard to determine the final selections, we've updated our lists of favorite documentaries to watch. It was tough and we had to do a lot of soul searching ('soul searching' = 'bare knuckle boxing'), but we think the final product is worthy of your time and viewing pleasure. There are 10 personal favorites followed by 8 films we think all film buffs should see and 8 films we believe work as excellent bait to reel in those who see little merit/entertainment in documentary films.

You might be asking, "why 8?" Well, much like the Democratic party's nomination process, films receive "delegate votes" to determine whats worthy to be on our lists. Unfortunately, two of the films that didn't win the top spot (but finished in the respectable top 10 arena) were too upset/stubborn to accept their rank or return their "delegate votes." Thus, we are left with only 8 positions for the time being.

And if you REALLY believed that last reasoning... I got some magic beans to sell you.

Anyway, enjoy the lists, we'll be back to updating the site with news stories starting this week!!!

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