Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Deadliest Catch Begins Again

I'm sure most of you shun from the idea of Reality TV and probably just as many of you shun from TV based on reality (sounds like the same thing, but please, there is a big difference between Big Brother and Dirty Jobs), but I hope you all check out the reality show that begot all other cool reality shows: Deadliest Catch. Seriously, this is a very cool and very interesting look at those crazy Alaskan Crab fishermen who brave stormy seas so the rest of us can eat delicious nautical meals.
Yes, the latest season started in mid-April but it's bound to continue in the wonderful tradition it has developed, and Discovery Channel is known for repeating shows like Mike Tyson repeats criminal offenses. So head on over to their website, or just tune in at 9 PM to enjoy the wonderfulness.

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