Monday, February 21, 2011

Banksy hits the streets before Oscars

The ever reclusive but world famous street artist Banksy took to the Los Angeles streets Saturday in what would appear to be a marketing campaign for a best documentary award at the Academy Awards (our round up to come sometime this week!). Ok, it's not a marketing campaign, but it's still cool to see he lets a city know when he has arrived.

Spreading numerous graffiti art around the city, Banksy let the city know he has graced their city for the award show. For those not lucky enough to see the art in person before it was taken down, head over to his official site to see some photos (

The real question for Banksy fans is if he will make an appearance or not. Few have seen his face and the Academy recently announced they will not let him accept the award in costume. Needless to say, for one of the few times in the award show's history, the documentary genre is the talk of the festival thanks to this always intriguing artist.

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Disillusioned said...

Noticed you don't get a lot of comments. I appreciate your blog and wanted to say "Keep up the good work." Good to have a place where I can get news on good documentaries out there.