Thursday, February 10, 2011

Acadamy Awards to Banksy: No Shenanigans

Since when did the Academy Awards fall under the jurisdiction of uptight puritans?

It seems Academy president Tom Sherak and executive director Bruce Davis are so worried about any potential Banksy stunt or disguise that they've asked only producer Jamie D'Cruz to appear on stage- don't worry, Banksy still gets his statue.

Frankly, I can understand a show producers fear of suddenly having mass confusion over some clever artistic appearance. But here's two reasons why it's a bad decision: 1) if Banksy's Exit Through the Gift Shop wins best documentary, it means people are fond of his shenanigans, so why not include them in the presentation? 2) Our best moments of the Academy Awards are of people doing things against the Oscars' rigid system (Adrien Brody, Roberto Benigni), so why prevent that? It's a rating boon during a stretch of the award show most people ignore (sorry fellow doc fans, it's true).

But there, I've spoken my peace. What do you think? Post your thoughts below!

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