Thursday, June 24, 2010

Silverdocs - Wednesday recap

Wednesday didn't quite live up to the pleasant surprises of Tuesday, but it was certainly a day full of interesting and provocative films. It also featured a misstep that forced me to miss Davis Guggenheim's newest film Waiting for Superman. Yes, miscommunication resulted in missing one of the major films of the festival, but not to worry the error lead me to a surprising little world premier! That's what's great about festivals, even when someone screws up, you still win!

But enough rambling about schedules, a brief highlight of the Wednesday films:

Goodbye, How Are you? - a totally unique and clever attempt at highlighting a satirical aphorism movement in Serbia. It's not your usual documentary and it'll definitely divide audiences into those that love it and those that don't.

South of the Border - Oliver Stone brings his pro-Hugo Chavez rhetoric to the forefront in this film praising the Venezuelan President and other like minded (i.e. U.S. bashing) leaders. It's a film that tries to erase the negative caricatures of these leaders with overly positive ones, but there are plenty who will appreciate Stone's work.

My So Called Enemy - A world premier that still needs some polishing (the director claims editing ended at 2 am the day of the event), but certainly worth seeing. It appeals to idealists who want peace throughout the world and to realists who believe everyday life makes idealism a complicated and unattainable goal.

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