Friday, June 25, 2010

Silverdocs - Thursday recap

Thursday will now be called 'roller coaster day', for that was the film experience of Silver Docs yesterday. I'm talking specifically about the films. And the great thing about roller coasters is how they leave you wanting more:

The Kids Grow Up - a surprisingly touching documentary that will surely have more impact and meaning on the parents of recent graduates. It isn't a perfectly made film, but neither was Father of the Bride - and I loved Father of the Bride.

Barbershop Punk - what is neither a barber, nor a punk? Better question, what is neither entertaining nor insightful? It's an overly harsh criticism of the film, but this documentary was the low point of the festival so far.

Budrus - The best film of the festival (so far) is not about Boutros Boutros-Ghalli (admit it, you thought it was for a second). No, this touching and empowering documentary follows one Palestinian village as it uses nonviolence to stop the Israeli wall from destroying their land.

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