Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trailer: 8: The Mormon Proposition

Reed Cowen's documentary 8: The Mormon Proposition has been making the film festival rounds and seems to have built up enough steam to turn out a theatrical run. There is now a trailer up over at Apple.com/trailers and it's worth checking out, especially if you are interested in the subject.

8: The Mormon Proposition focuses on California's Proposition 8 and the battle the Mormon Church waged to block gay marriage in the state. Cowen takes an antagonistic approach to their campaign and uses interviews, recorded messages and news stories to prove his point.

The documentary will release on June 18th, so head over to Apple.com to watch the trailer and learn more about the film and where it will be playing.

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Moms for Equality said...

The bumper sticker said it well: “Focus on Your Own Damn Family.”

8: The Mormon Proposition, reflects the efforts of those that created it and us that are in it, to hold OUR church accountable for the pain they knowingly inflicted on OUR families.

- The documentary IS NOT about disagreeing with their moral standards or their right to spend their money on issues they feel are important.

- It IS about hypocrisy; how our church (that says it is all about “being honest in our dealings with our fellow men”), knowingly created and funded dishonest ads to promote their own moral agenda; and (by their own admissions) hid their involvement. The Church stated in their own documents, that if the voters knew the extent of the Church’s involvement, it would negatively impact the vote.

- This documentary does not claim that the LDS Church did this alone, even though at its strong urging, its members (only 2% of the voters) donated over 70% of the money contributed and over 90% of the volunteer efforts.

We would hope the displeased members of other groups, be they Catholic, Protestant, African American, Latino, Baptist…, would hold their leaders accountable as well.

Please see it before you criticize it.

Opens in selected cities June 18th, and on VOD. Available on DVD July 6th.