Thursday, February 25, 2010

True/False Film Festival begins

If you are near Columbia and you love documentaries, do I have the perfect weekend plan for you.

The True/False Film Festival begins today in Columbia, Missouri and every fan of this site should be excited to see what comes out of this documentary exclusive event. The festival has only existed since 2004 but has still built up a pretty strong following, especially in the documentary world.

The True/False Film Festival will present 40 feature length documentaries between now and Sunday, including several that premiered at Sundance. For documentary lovers, this is the perfect festival to attend as it emphasizes a major line up without all the hassle and overcrowding of other, more major festivals.

Our site will make sure to pass along any news to you, but if you're interested in seeing the line up or just learning more about the festival, head on over to their official website:

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