Monday, February 22, 2010

Trailer: Hubble 3D

On an otherwise slow news day for documentaries, it was great to be able to point out the trailer for the upcoming IMAX film Hubble 3D. Though one might think a film like this will be either over the top cheesy or plain boring, there are several reasons to be looking forward to a documentary about the Hubble telescope.

The first is obvious: it's an IMAX film. You could argue this company is the Pixar of the documentary genre. It seems that no matter what they develop, it turns out to be a monumental success. Even there bad films are better than average because they put the effort into technical mastery and A-list voice talent. Ok, it's also easy to hold an audience's attention when you can blow something up on a 3 story tall screen.

The second is also obvious: 3D films rock. How else can you describe James Cameron's Avator getting a Best Picture nod from the Oscars? It certainly wasn't the mediocre storyline or acting. The rise of 3D beyond mere gimmicks is bringing audiences to theaters in droves and it's great to see the documentary genre jumping on board early. Also, admit it, a film about space is the perfect place to boast 3D capabilities.

Finally, director Toni Myers is a veteran to the IMAX team and space exploration subjects. He has written, edited, directed or produced several films so there shouldn't be any rookie mistakes or blunders in Hubble 3D.

Now admittedly, I've written way too much about a documentary on the Hubble telescope (and in a rather boring, nearly bullet point-esque format), but then again, most of you probably already got so excited over the thought of seeing Hubble images in 3D that you immediately jumped to the film's homepage to see a trailer for yourself. For the rest of you who suffered through this entire entry, take solace in knowing you can still watch the trailer by going to

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