Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Various Music Doc news

There seems to be a few bits of news on upcoming music related documentaries, so we decided to just throw them into one news article:

Lil' Wayne a lil' angry over documentary release - Last year the rapper Lil' Wayne allowed a film crew to follow him on his tour, and the result was a documentary that received some praise at Sundance Film Festival this year. Surprisingly though, as the film gears up for distribution, Lil Wayne sued to block it's release, apparently upset that he did not have the final word on edits. A judge ruled in favor of the film, but it's clear tensions still reign. Check out CNN for more on this story.

Beatles Documentary reveals studio sessions - The History Channel will air at 10 PM tonight The Beatles on Record, a film that takes audiences into the process of making the legendary Abbey Road album. Using both studio footage, pictures and even audio, audiences should get a clear and personal view of one of the greatest bands coming together to make one of the greatest albums. Sounds like the recipe for success. Head on over to Wired to read more about this potentially great little film.

Cowell produces Susan Boyle documentary - And so it begins, the singing sensation of last year's Britain's got talent finally has her first CD released and will now be featured in a documentary as well. The film, titled I Dreamed a Dream: the Susan Boyle Story, will be released sometime next month and will probably be hitting DVD shelves soon afterwards to capitalize on the woman's insanely popular vocals. Alas, If you haven't bought her CD yet, you're probably out of luck.

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