Monday, November 23, 2009

Oscar Short List Creates Controversy

This website has been on record multiple times complaining about past Academy Award snubs for our beloved documentaries, but it seems this is the year the 'scandal' surrounding the 'best documentary' feature has reached fever pitch in the entertainment world.

After the Academy announced this year's short list of 15 documentaries up for best feature, countless irate articles have been written. And the rage isn't limited to the blogs as the New York Times, LA Times and Entertainment Weekly have all posted articles expressing the opinions of the upset masses.

With no real star power on hand (i.e. nominated) to quell the rage, it will be interesting to see how this anger proceeds. Tyson director James Toback in particular seems to be leading the muckraking, while Michael Moore and the creators behind It Might Get Loud, Good Hair and Anvil are all making more guarded reactions to the way nominations play out.

Will this die out like past complaints about the documentary selection process, or will we see a change in the system? I personally hope for the latter, because it's hard for anyone to take the documentary genre seriously when its best works are being ignored by major award shows.

Read the articles from the NY Times, LA Times and Entertainment Weekly and then post your thoughts below!

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