Sunday, August 2, 2009

David Lynch Meets Regular People

David Lynch is the director of such absurd/confusing/masterful films as Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway and Blue Velvet. In many's eyes, he is Hollywood's version of T.S. Eliot. But the man known more for confounding audiences now suddenly finds himself producing a project that is as simple and straightforward as interviewing an ordinary citizen.

Well, actually, that is exactly what Interview Project is about, as Lynch sent a small team of filmmakers on the road to interview anyone they come across during their road trip across America. There is no topic, just brief snapshots of individuals. The series is already 21 episodes in and provides audiences with an honest reminder that everyone has a story to tell.

Interview Project is updated regularly with a new interview that lasts less than 5 minutes, but be careful, once you watch one, you'll want to watch them all.

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