Tuesday, August 4, 2009

18 “documentaries” That Blur the Line

Yesterday, a group of writers from the AV Club wrote an interesting little article on the faux-documentary genre that gets little mention in the public reviews limelight.  Faux-documentaries are those films that either pretend to be real, or use staged events to recreate an event or illicit a response from real people.  Confused? Well you should be, these films travel across so many gray areas it's hard to pin point which are which.

But don't concern yourself with such details, instead focus on this quite interesting list the AV Club has posted.  Though it's not exactly clear if these are the best in the genre, or if there is any ranking order at all, the discussion their article presents is well worth the read.

Head on over the AV Club's website to check out the list and detailed summary.  Feel free to come back here and post your personal favorites list too... who knows, we might be coming up with our own as we speak.

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