Monday, July 6, 2009

Errol Morris on Robert McNamara

The passing of Robert McNamara earlier today felt like the reopening of a long forgotten wound.  Something that had not been opened since Errol Morris' 2003 documentary Fog of War.  Much like the feelings surrounding the Oscar-award winning film, few people are willing to accept McNamara as a good, honest man.  He did, after all, engineer our country's entrance into the Vietnam War.

But Morris remembers McNamara in a little less hostile light then most.  After releasing Fog of War he held an interview with Brad Schreiber of Huffington Post.  In honor of McNamara, Schreiber has decided to repost the interview in an attempt to balance out the attacks that have reawakened since his death.  It's worth reading as it provides some valuable insight into the most hated man from the Kennedy administration.  But more importantly, if you haven't seen Morris' Fog of War, I highly recommend it.  

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