Monday, July 27, 2009

China Can't Stop Aussie Doc lovers

The Melbourne International Film Festival has been battling ongoing complaints from the Chinese government over it's decision to premier Ten Conditions of Love. The controversy centers on the film's main character, Rebiya Kadeer, who is the head of the World Uighur Congress and considered a terrorist by the Chinese.

Despite protests from Chinese nationals, strongly worded phone calls from diplomats and a pro-Chinese computer hacker, the controversial documentary aired to a packed audience this past weekend. An additional bonus for the Melbourne International Film Festival was the surprisingly peaceful atmosphere surrounding the screening as there were no protests or violent outbursts on the day of the event. It seems the outcries to boycott Ten Conditions of Love only provided free advertising for its screening and guaranteed a packed house.

Director Jeff Daniels told Sky News, "I know emotions are running high at the moment. It's a very dark time for the Uighurs in China and there are a lot of angry people from China on both sides... So I'm very happy that it went peacefully, as a documentary should, and people were able to see different sides of the story."

For more on the story, head over to the article posted by AFP. We will keep you posted of any further outcry this film may cause.

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