Friday, July 31, 2009

Boxing's Black Eye Revealed

26 years ago, before Mike Tyson could throw one of his devastating punches, Luis Resto knocked out then-undefeated Billy Collins Jr. during a non-title fight at Madison Square Garden. This was no Cinderella story.

It was later revealed that Resto took the padding out of his gloves, allowing him to inflict greater damage on his opponent. The result: a tear in Collins' eye that ended his career (and may have contributed to his death a year later) and the punishment and banishment of Resto and his trainer.

Now, after decades of the boxing world trying to forget this tragedy, HBO is releasing the feature length documentary, Assault in the Ring. The film follows Resto (a now depressed man fighting drug addiction) as he is confronted by his trainer, his family, his ex-wife and the widow of the man whose career he ended.

USAToday has a brief description of the documentary, which airs Saturday at 10pm, but it's the comments from boxing fans who still refuse to grant Resto any grace for the damage he inflicted back in 1983 that make it worth the read.

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