Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Atlanta Film Fest Wrap-up

The Atlanta Film Festival finished up this past Saturday and after 10 straight days sitting in various movie theaters, I've spent the past few days enjoying sunlight and stretching my legs.  And now I must go back to my dark isolated room to write the reviews (what can I say, I'm a giver).

But before I do, I wanted to give you all my quick thoughts on the documentaries screened during the festival.  Atlanta, despite what many of you are thinking, is quite embracing of the documentary genre and the festival prroved it by screening over 30 documentaries.  Of those, I was able to catch 26 films (sadly I missed 6 very good ones).  Below is a list of the ones I enjoyed, the ones that were passable and the ones that I flat out hated.  Expect reviews to trickle in over the next month.

Thanks to Atlanta for being a great host and to the festival for putting together a great series!

The Good: These films made me fall in love with documentaries just a little bit more
  • Art & Copy - My official festival selection!
  • The Last Cup
  • So Right, So Smart
  • Faded Glory
  • At The Edge of the World
  • Motherland
  • The People Speak
  • Trust Us, This is All Made Up

The OK: These were were good but lacked innovative ideas or just plain fell into the common documentary traps

  • Invisible Girlfriend
  • Squeezbox
  • Pip and Zastrow
  • #1 With a Bullet
  • General Orders #9
  • Woman in Boxes
  • Naming Pluto (a documentary short)
  • Naturally Obsessed
  • Maybe Me (a documentary short)
  • Where You From
  • Heart of Stone
  • Not Quite Hollywood
  • Neshoba

The Bad: These made me cringe for every documentary film fan... ever

  • Training Rules
  • Kassim the Dream
  • Into Abyssinia
  • I'm Like This Every Day (a documentary short)
  • We Fun- officially the worst documentary I've ever seen

The Missed: These are already added to my Netflix account
  • Tyson
  • The Way We Get By
  • Living is Winning
  • Paolo
  • The Road to Fallujah
  • Prom Night in Mississippi

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