Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Documentary will feature footage from the comet probe Philae

According to, the European Space Agency isn't the only group celebrating the successful comet landing by the Philae probe. Moonlake Entertainment has announced that their soon to be released documentary "In Space" will feature footage from the ground breaking Rosetta mission- including the landing and its 10-year journey to get there.

Of course, the film isn't just about one single mission. In fact, it's quite encompassing! According to the director's site: "'In Space' shows 50 years of Space Exploration of ESA and NASA, where we are today and where we aim to go." Though, I'm sure Philae's recent success can ensure more focus will be paid to the Rosetta mission.

"In Space" is directed by Hannes Michael Schalle, whose background is more in composing musical scores but has knocked out five documentaries in the past four years. I won't lie, I kind of like the idea of a composer helming a movie about space- it almost guarantees the film will have some beautiful moments.

With a 2014 release date, we won't have to wait long to see this potentially amazing documentary.

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