Monday, May 2, 2011

Discovery Channel to air documentary on Bin Laden's death

Quickly jumping at the chance to show its documentary prowess, the Discovery Channel announced earlier today that it will premier a one hour documentary on the operation that killed Osama bin Laden.

Currently titled Killing Bin Laden, the special will provide a detailed account (at times, second-by-second!) of the operation- from the time the intelligence was gathered in 2010 through the burial of bin Laden at sea.

How are they able to create a special in just a matter of days you might ask? Well Discovery is utilizing a global team of local reporters, fixers and cameras on the ground in Abbottabad, Pakistan to quickly gather all the necessary information and interviews. And don't worry, the company promises a thorough investigation into many of the questions we are all wondering: How many special ops forces were involved? From where did they deploy? How was facial recognition used to identify bin Laden? Why was one of the helicopters abandoned and destroyed?

The special will air Sunday, May 15 at 10PM on the Discovery Channel, so go ahead and set your DVRs accordingly.

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