Monday, February 28, 2011

Inside Job wins best Doc feature!

Charles Ferguson's 2nd feature length documentary, Inside Job, earned him an Oscar Sunday night. His win helps push him onto the level of one of the best current documentary directors of the past few years- joining Alex Gibney as Oscar stalwarts for their ability to take complex (and otherwise boring) concepts and making them appealing to audiences worldwide.

Now, my previous posts ranked Inside Job as the worst of the Oscar nominees, and I stand by that, but I'm not surprised by the victory (and think it is a film worth seeing). This was a year of excellent documentaries and Ferguson separated himself from the pack (in the eyes of the Academy) by quickly creating a film on a complex subject while it was still relevant (a lesson he must have learned from 2007's No End in Sight).

For those upset Exit Through the Gift Shop didn't win despite large popular support, fear not, Banksy was a new director and he shouldn't be upset with a mere nomination in a year when 10 other films could have easily made the cut. If you haven't seen Inside Job, I recommend checking out our review, then renting it for yourself. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to Ferguson's next project.

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