Tuesday, January 11, 2011

12th Annual Golden Tomato Awards Announced

For all of you not familiar with the great website Rottentomatoes.com, you're missing out on a film site that compiles numerous reviews to create a love/hate percentage for released movies. The site's success allows it to compile the best and worst of the year and announce those to the world.

This year's top documentaries (according to their system):

1) Marwencol
2) Waste Land
3) Restrepo
4) Exit through the Gift Shop
5) Inside Job

Not a bad list and it's probably a strong indication of who the front runners are for the Academy Awards. But, it is important (and odd) to note that Rottentomatoes listed 'Last Train Home' ahead of the aforementioned documentaries in it's list of top 'limited release' films. So there could be a battle brewing with the award season getting into full swing.

Head on over to Rottentomatoes.com for the full details then tell us your thoughts. Do you think Marwencol was the best documentary of 2010?

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