Thursday, April 8, 2010

NYC's new documentary festival

Your cries of pain and suffering have been heard New York City! Your pleas have been answered! Finally, a new documentary film festival is coming to the Big Apple! Huzzah!

All kidding aside, I’m actually quite excited for this new festival. Opening November 3rd and running till November 7th, the appropriately titled Doc NYC is already gearing up to make a big splash in the festival world. It probably won’t rival the U.S.’ big three (True/False, Full Frame and SilverDocs), but this could be exactly what filmmakers and fans want- a major documentary film festival at the end of the year.

The whole event will be hosted at the IFC Center in Manhattan and features the team behind the weekly Stranger than Fiction series hosted at the same venue. Interestingly enough, the inaugural year won’t feature an open submission process, so I’m curious to see what ends up screening at the festival.

If you’re curious, head on over to Doc NYC’s website for more information including information about the advisory board and when festival passes go on sale (hint: August).

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Michelle said...

You should be in Durham, NC this weekend at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival!