Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo!

Doesn't that title make you want to scream "Godzilla!" No? Well clearly you don't understand good cinema. Those monster films were classic, timeless pieces.

Regrettably though, there are no actual giant monsters destroying cities for our documentary filmmakers to capture (does using the word 'regrettable' make me sound heartless?). And though I'm sure someone will make a documentary about the impact of the Godzilla films and monster classics, Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo has nothing to do with that subject matter.

Jessica Oreck's documentary is actually about exploring the mystery and development of Japan’s obsession with bugs. The film appears to be quite unusual and reminds me a lot of Manda Bala in its approach. As the film's website says, "Using insects like an anthropologist’s toolkit, the film uncovers Japanese philosophies that will shift Westerners’ perspectives on nature, beauty, life, and even the seemingly mundane realities of their day—to—day routines."

I'm kind of impressed with this approach and I'm hoping it delivers something remarkable. If you're curious, head over to to learn more about the film and check out the trailer.

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