Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trailer: Breath Made Visible

Modern dance isn't exactly a fan favorite for most people in the world. Oh sure, people love to dance, but when it comes to watching a modern dance show? Well maybe I just don't know the right people, but I think people would prefer to see something else.

Perhaps that rational should be changed though. Especially considering the recently released documentary Breath Made Visible about dance pioneer Anna Halprin. Now I know most of you may not know who she is, but her influence on modern art and belief that dance can heal, transform and teach anyone at any age is reason enough to be intrigued.

Head on over to the film's website to watch the trailer and then sashay your way over to your nearest theater to catch this entertaining and inspiring documentary. In case you are curious, the film is directed by Ruedi Gerber.

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