Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Host your own White Stripes documentary!

It's not often that I get pleasantly shocked on two separate times by the same press release, but film distributor/promoter/etc website B-Side Entertainment is proving yet again why it is the most creative and innovative company out there.

The big announcement started with the upcoming release of a new documentary on the White Stripes and their tour through Canada three years ago (titled The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights). Not only will this feature footage of packed out arenas, but it will also show the duo playing more intimate shows for anyone lucky enough to be sitting around when they two walk up. Directed by Emmet Malloy, Under Great White Northern Lights looks like an innovate addition to the concert tour genre of documentaries.

But the news doesn't end there. No, B-Side Entertainment is asking any interested film lover to host their own screening of the film! All you have to do is register your event and before you know it, you'll be running your own theater... well sort of.

This isn't the first time B-Side has offered a "host your own screening" deal, but this is easily the largest and most popular film they've included in the program. But, if you aren't willing to invite the neighbors over for a feature flick, don't fret, the DVDs go on sale March 16th- in case you don't like to share your popcorn.

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