Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trailer: The Art of the Steal

Though the final product may fall flat, the trailer for Don Argott's newest documentary The Art of the Steal provides that combination of high power corporate/government greed and stylized entertainment usually found in an Alex Gibney film. But whether you are big into art and/or conspiracies or not, this is a trailer worth checking out.

The story is simple: man collects numerous art masterpieces and stores them in an out of way gallery, man dies, wealthy and politically connected art-trepreneurs (you like that turn of phrase, don't you?) do everything possible to possess his collection.

Sounds like a pretty good story to me (especially when you hear the details!) so why not head on over to Apple's website to sneak a peak. The Art of the Steal opens in theaters starting February 26th.

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